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HealthUp - Padometer, Weight


HealthUp is the perfect application for general health management.Detailed information below★The major features of HealthUp include personal fitness training, a pedometer, a blood pressure and blood sugar level monitor and an alarm for drinking water. Users are free to choose the features they wish to use.HealthUp is compatible with the A&D 651 Blood Pressure Monitor and the GluNEO Lite Blood Glucose Test, as well as the MI-Band activity and Mi-Scale BMI tracker via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE).※ All of your personal health data is safely encrypted and secured. There is no need to worry about data breaches.[Major Features](1) Personal Fitness TrainerEven if you cannot go to the gym, your personal fitness trainer in HealthUp provides training instructions and demonstrations for forty types of workouts, including squats and lunges.(2) Step Counter - PedometerWalking 10,000 steps a day is the best exercise to make you live both healthier and longer.HealthUp users can monitor their step counts with their wearable bands’ activity tracker connected via Bluetooth. Even if you don’t have one, you can check your step counts displayed in the application.(3) Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar ControlHealthUp is a useful health monitoring application for daily high blood pressure control. In addition, you can also record your blood pressure level with HealthUp every day. This data will be of great help for doctors to understand your health status during an examination or a regular medical checkup.(4) Weight ControlDo you want a beautiful body? HealthUp will help you control not just your weight, but also your BMI and body fat in an integrated way.
(5) Drinking WaterChoose a cup for only drinking water and try to drink your daily target amount of water. Your skin will then stay moisturized. HealthUp has an alarm function to remind you of drinking water.(6) Counselor’s Customized FeedbackThe Counselor will give you customized advice on more efficient workouts and better health management.
※ Please share any suggestions or opinions with us. We are always listening to the voices of our users and will reflect them in our products.※ We will never cease our efforts to provide customers with better service.For further information, please contact the developer. Developer’s email address: